A Successful Scuba Diving Trip In Jordan

The first criterion required to dive is to want to do it! It is normal to have a little
apprehension before starting, but anxieties should not take over. You have to indulge
in this sport to please yourself (not someone else) and when you feel ready.
It is important to be in a good general state of health to be able to dive, not to suffer
from any contraindicated pathology in this type of recreation. This means that you
have to be in good physical and psychological shape. But it also means that it is
better to have slept well the day before and not have the flu.
Even if it is not in any case to run a marathon, it is advisable to do a little physical
exercise during the days preceding the activity, in order to prepare your body for
something intense, to relax, to channel your breathing and thus to be comfortable

Before diving into the seabed

Before diving in Jordan, you can relax and admire the landscapes, during a walk and boat trip,
which will take you to the place where the activity is to take place. The best is to
choose a formula, including boat rental and a session with a state-certified instructor.
The best is to make sure that all the external conditions are met for the outing to be
successful: it is, therefore, advisable to inform yourself about the weather and the
tides in particular.
It is important to follow all the recommendations of your instructor to the letter, who is
not only your guide in the seabed but also the guarantor of your safety.
Protect your body adequately and make sure you understand all the instructions.

During the scuba diving trip

Take in your eyes: you set off to discover one of the most magnificent and surprising
places that exist on the planet.
Pay attention to the instructions of your instructor and watch out for the gestures of
people who dive with you (if there are several of you).
Be respectful of the underwater environment: do not disturb the fish and shellfish, do
not move anything or take anything with you. If you have an aquatic camera, you will
still be able to capture some sublime photos, without harming anyone.