When starting driving lessons, you need to decide whether you want to learn in manual or automatic. Automatic driving lessons important to consider your options carefully as it can affect how long it takes you to pass your test and the overall cost of your lessons.

How many lessons does it take to learn to drive automatic?

On a per hour basis, Automatic driving lessons tend to be more expensive than Manual. However, they do offer a simpler and more convenient experience which could mean you need fewer lessons to pass your test.

Once you have decided to take your lessons in an automatic car, your instructor will ask for your contact details and book your first lesson at a quiet location nearby. During your first lesson, your instructor will walk you through the different car controls and discuss how to use them. They’ll also help you get comfortable in the driver’s seat and check your mirrors.

After your initial lesson, your instructor will help you book additional lessons and may explain any discounts they have available. They’ll also give you a progress report sheet to take home.

Some people genuinely enjoy learning in manual cars and argue that it’s the best way to learn because it helps you develop advanced driving skills. However, many learners find it easier to drive an automatic, especially those who are nervous or suffer from disabilities which make manual cars difficult to operate. Taking lessons in an automatic car can help you pass your driving test sooner, and it may be more suitable if you’re planning to hire a car on trips abroad where only manual vehicles are available.