CO Sniffer – Protect Yourself From Silent Killers With a CO Sniffer

CO (carbon monoxide) is a co sniffer , odorless gas that can poison you with just a small amount over a long period. A CO detector is a smart way to protect yourself from this silent killer by “sniffing” the air at set intervals, sounding an alarm when it detects dangerous levels of CO. Carbon monoxide is especially dangerous because it ca  n build up inside your body before you know something is wrong. The best way to prevent CO poisoning is to use proper ventilation and keep away from exhaust fumes.

A CO detector consists of a sensor and a microprocessor. The sensors are based on different technologies but all work in similar ways. Electrochemical, metal oxide semiconductor and biomimetic sensors all measure the presence of carbon monoxide by changing the electrical current that flows through them when it encounters this deadly gas.

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These detectors use electrodes that are submerged in an electrolyte, a solution that conducts electricity. When carbon monoxide enters the sensor, it causes a chemical reaction that alters the current and the monitor alerts you, depending on how much the current changes. Electrochemical instant detection and response (IDR) sensors are commonly used in commercial and professional sensing equipment.

A biomimetic sensor has a gel that mimics the way carbon monoxide chemically attaches to hemoglobin in blood. Hemoglobin turns red when it absorbs carbon monoxide, so the gel on these detectors changes color if CO is present. A light sensor inside the detector watches for shifts in color and triggers an alarm when the level becomes dangerous.