How to Detect and Fix Water Pipeline Leaks

How to Detect and Fix Water Pipeline Leaks

How to Detect and Fix Water Pipeline Leaks that comes into our homes and businesses is lost due to aging infrastructure, with the majority of that water loss occurring underground. Water leaks are a serious problem because they cause ponding and sink holes, structural damage, cracked pavement and more. They also lead to an increased risk of contamination. The good news is, that most of the time a leaking water pipeline can be detected through a few common methods.

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The first step is to shut off the water supply at the main water meter. This will stop the water flow and reduce any potential losses. Then, one should take a look at the water meter, if it is spinning or recording any kind of activity then there may be a leak somewhere nearby. It is advisable to hire a professional to conduct further inspections of the piping in your home or business as there are many things that can happen that may not be obvious.

The second most recurring keyword is “leak detection”. There are several different technologies that are used to identify leaks and locate their location. The most advanced techniques use acoustic noise to zero in on the sound created by the leak and thereby allow technicians to pinpoint its exact location. This technique works best when there is little ambient background noise present. It is one of the most effective and non-destructive technology for locating leaks.