Everyone, both trend followers and those less interested in decorative novelties, will have noticed that kitchen islands and peninsulas have finally burst onto the scene.

The truth is that we are not surprised; These furniture, which we often associate with American houses, in addition to being beautiful, are pieces that can be very useful . They help to reorganize the space and, by making better use of it, are very useful even in the smallest houses. Still don’t know the advantages of kitchen islands? We show you:

Extra storage

Kitchen islands are a great distributor : they reorganize the space and manage to increase the work surface. If you also want to increase the storage capacity of your home, be sure to buy a kitchen island with drawers and shelves in which to place the utensils you need.

To divide spaces

An island can be very useful in kitchens that share a room with the living room. Without walls, the furniture itself will mark the end of one environment and the beginning of another. In small rooms, choose kitchen peninsulas, which when leaning against the wall will save space.

Very useful work surface

The coverings of kitchen islands make them a very suitable surface to work on , much more suitable than dining tables. If the space that conventional countertops provide is not enough for you, visit interior decoration platforms, you will find numerous designs of kitchen islands. You can choose between wood or marble , between traditional designs and the most innovative.

Makes cooking easier

By freeing the surface on which we are preparing to work from the wall, the task becomes easier. The freedom of movement is complete and we can work around the island without any problems. There are those who choose to place the sink or even the fires inside the cabinet itself to achieve greater comfort.

Incredible solutions

The kitchen island can be the solution to problems that seemed a priori irremediable. A long, narrow kitchen? Place an island with the same characteristics and you will be able to take advantage of the entire length of the kitchen. A column that you don’t know how to hide? Incorporate it into the island as part of its design: you will add a lot of character to the decoration.


We leave aside the practical aspect of the islands to focus on a more superficial one: aesthetics . Since the kitchens have once again become the nucleus of the home , taking care of their decoration is very important and the islands play a privileged role there because, let’s face it, these pieces add modernity and distinction to the design of the room