Adding an outdoor fireplace has been part of the landscaping in Austin of a backyard for a few years now. Faced with this demand, several manufacturers have developed ranges of uni-stone which allow a durable construction with a unique design.

Whether your backyard has a classic or contemporary look, it will be easy to find a paver that will match your decor. Before presenting some of the products available, let’s see some rules to follow.

Where to install an outdoor fireplace?

It is essential to check with our municipality before purchasing an outdoor fireplace. Safety standards and regulations vary from city to city. While some ban wood-burning fireplaces, others will require a use permit.

A minimum distance of three (3) meters or 10 feet from any building must be respected. It is also strongly recommended, if not required, to use a fireplace equipped with a spark arrester for the chimney and another for the hearth. Obviously, certain conditions could vary depending on the type of fireplace chosen when landscaping in Austin.

In order to optimize the use of the fireplace, it is more advantageous to position it close to living areas. Since a fireplace is unifying, it would be better to provide enough space for guests to sit in.

Type of fireplace 

Whether it is embedded in the ground, integrated into your plain paving stone decor, or even placed as a decorative element, the fireplace will certainly set the mood for the outdoor courtyard. But what type of household should we prioritize?

Gas fireplace

There are all kinds of gas fireplace models. Sometimes it is contemporary in the form of a saucer placed on a terrace and sometimes more traditional because of a stone wall. Compared to a wood fireplace, a gas fireplace does not require a chimney. However, you must respect the manufacturer’s installation rules and follow municipal recommendations. Note that the flame and heat offered by the gas fireplace are different from those generated by the wood fireplace. In addition, the appropriate connection must be provided for both propane and natural gas supply.

Glass embers, artificial logs, rectangular or square format, Landscaping in Austin offers a wide range of gas fireplaces that can suit all tastes and budgets. It is possible to combine their outdoor fireplaces with models of concrete block fireplaces from different manufacturers

Wood fireplace

Whether it is a steel model including a chimney or a steel pan integrated into a stone structure, it is essential to respect municipal by-laws. To optimize the life of a wood-burning fireplace, opt for durable materials such as concrete blocks or stones. Many of the manufacturers of uni-stone offer models that can match the chosen layout style.

Your landscaping in Austin expert will certainly be able to advise you on the choice of an outdoor fireplace. The integration of a fireplace will enhance your layout and extend the time you can enjoy your outdoor courtyard.