thermoplastic line markings

Thermoplastic line markings are incredibly durable, able to withstand the test of time and weather. They are also highly reflective, especially at night when road markings need to be visible to drivers.

The longevity of thermoplastic pavement markings means fewer interruptions to traffic flow due to restriping and lower maintenance costs for agencies. They also last up to seven times longer than paint, meaning that they can help reduce a roadway or parking lot’s environmental footprint. Read more

In addition to fostering highway safety, the visibility of thermoplastic pavement markings is important for pedestrians and cyclists alike. Thermoplastic line markings contain microscopic glass beads that allow for retroreflectivity, making it easier for people to see the pavement markings at any time of day or in weather conditions that may make it difficult.

Durability and Longevity: The Advantages of Thermoplastic Line Markings

Unlike block or bagged thermoplastic that contractors have to mix and apply with specialized equipment, preformed thermoplastic is already formed into the marking it will be applied as, such as arrows or warning markings, says Ennis Traffic Safety Solutions. Contractors simply have to heat the preformed material in order to apply it.

Graco offers a wide range of thermoplastic striping machines designed to make short work of intersections and other road marking jobs. The machines are engineered to keep the materials at the right hot temperatures to maximize application and line quality. With their ability to screed, extrude or spray, these machines can mark various lines, including centerlines, edge-lines and skip lines, as well as crosswalks, legends and symbols.