Together finance reviews has grown into one of the biggest property finance businesses in the UK. Its loan book now tops PS3.7 billion, and it has a strong reputation with excellent ratings on leading reviews sites like Trustpilot and Smart Money People.

Together is a specialist lender, offering personal and commercial mortgages and secured loans, as well as bridging finance and auction finance. They promise to make common-sense decisions that can help when other lenders may struggle to say yes.

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As a private company, Together is not constrained by short-term targets and can focus on the long-term value for customers and staff. It is this that has helped it to deliver solid growth and a consistent performance.

A key tenet of the business is to take an individual approach to each case. This enables faster decision-making and has been the key to its success over the last 43 years. Together considers the person behind the application and their ambitions, and they look beyond credit scores to find ways to support those who may have been declined by other lenders.

They have a light touch when it comes to residential mortgages for landlords and investors, as they assess the actual circumstances of each applicant and don’t simply judge them by their credit profile. This means they will consider properties that are not in the best condition, such as HMOs and unmodernised apartments, and can also lend against non-standard forms of income. These include self-employed people who work multiple jobs and those that claim benefits.