Choose A Fence For Your Garden With A Swimming Pool!

Enjoying a swimming pool in your garden is a dream for many…. But, a little privacy is good when you take advantage of your pool! Discover all the advantages of surrounding your home with a swimming pool with a fence.

Installing a fence around your home is a popular solution for many homeowners and for a good reason! Fencing your land has many advantages, even more so for a garden with a swimming pool.

The security of your home is undoubtedly one of the first arguments to highlight! Surrounded by a fence, your home is protected from intruders and your exteriors too. For your garden with a swimming pool, this allows you in particular to avoid the phenomenon of swimming pool squats.

Thanks to a fence, you can also delimit your exteriors from the neighbor’s land, but also the street, a significant advantage, especially when you have children and pets.

For your garden with a swimming pool, ensure that your pool is installed at a regulatory distance, about the neighbor’s land, following the Local Urban Plan. With this distance, plus a fence surrounding your home, you can enjoy your outdoor swimming pool in peace and privacy, out of sight.

Choosing the right pool fence

To surround your house with a fence, various possibilities are available to you: it is up to you to make the right choice according to your aesthetic preferences, needs, and budget.

There are different materials for fences, each offering a different look to your exteriors, and each having advantages and disadvantages:

Wood, aesthetic and natural, offers many possibilities in terms of shape and wood species used but requires regular maintenance to keep its beauty.

For those who wish to create a natural exterior, a plant fence made up of plants (trees, bamboo, hedges, etc.) is an ideal solution, but it also requires a lot of maintenance.

The wire mesh fence makes it very easy to delimit your land and is inexpensive, but it will not protect you from vis-à-vis in your pool, unlike other fences.

The concrete fence, modern and robust, requires less maintenance, but it is often less aesthetic. It also requires significant work.

PVC is an inexpensive material, elegant and design and easy to install, but it remains a light material.

Finally, the aluminum fence offers a contemporary aesthetic to your exteriors but requires a larger budget.

To choose the right fence, it is important to consider its main function: do you want to protect yourself from the vis-à-vis in your garden with a swimming pool? Opt for a solid fence, which, made up of blackout panels, allows you to enjoy your garden in complete privacy.

The choice of your fence can bring a real aesthetic plus to your home: it’s up to you to choose the style and material that best suits your exteriors and the layout you want to create in your home.

To properly secure your pool, complete your installation with an alarm! One of the mandatory safety devices for inground pools, the pool alarm (approved according to standard), allows you to protect your pool from drowning. There are two types of swimming pool alarms: the submerged alarm, which is placed in the water, and the perimeter or infrared alarm, which is placed all around the pool.

It’s up to you to make the right choice according to your preferences to enjoy a bathing area in complete privacy and security.

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