Farmer City’s Source water cleared by IEPA

Farmer City’s Source water cleared by IEPA

The IEPA has determined that the City’s Source water, the water provided to the town as a whole, is well below acceptable limits.  This water is pulled from two wells and distributed to everyone in the City.  Staff chose to test the source water after 3 homes were found to have high levels of lead in their water.  It is believed that these 3 homes received those results due to their distribution systems (lead service lines or lead joints).  The IEPA found acceptable levels of 5.0 ug/L in our source water, where the unhealthy threshold is 15.0.

If you would like to test your home’s water for lead, test kits are available at major hardware stores such as Home Depot, Menard’s or Lowe’s.  However, the City does not reimburse for that.  For information on how to determine whether you have lead service lines, please refer to the letter sent in last month’s utility bill or the City’s website.  If you have further questions or concerns, please contact us at (309) 928-3412.

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