The layout of an outdoor fireplace

Adding an outdoor fireplace has been part of the landscaping in Austin of a backyard for a few years now. Faced with this demand, several manufacturers have developed ranges of uni-stone which allow a durable construction with a unique design.

Whether your backyard has a classic or contemporary look, it will be easy to find a paver that will match your decor. Before presenting some of the products available, let’s see some rules to follow.

Where to install an outdoor fireplace?

It is essential to check with our municipality before purchasing an outdoor fireplace. Safety standards and regulations vary from city to city. While some ban wood-burning fireplaces, others will require a use permit.

A minimum distance of three (3) meters or 10 feet from any building must be respected. It is also strongly recommended, if not required, to use a fireplace equipped with a spark arrester for the chimney and another for the hearth. Obviously, certain conditions could vary depending on the type of fireplace chosen when landscaping in Austin.

In order to optimize the use of the fireplace, it is more advantageous to position it close to living areas. Since a fireplace is unifying, it would be better to provide enough space for guests to sit in.

Type of fireplace 

Whether it is embedded in the ground, integrated into your plain paving stone decor, or even placed as a decorative element, the fireplace will certainly set the mood for the outdoor courtyard. But what type of household should we prioritize?

Gas fireplace

There are all kinds of gas fireplace models. Sometimes it is contemporary in the form of a saucer placed on a terrace and sometimes more traditional because of a stone wall. Compared to a wood fireplace, a gas fireplace does not require a chimney. However, you must respect the manufacturer’s installation rules and follow municipal recommendations. Note that the flame and heat offered by the gas fireplace are different from those generated by the wood fireplace. In addition, the appropriate connection must be provided for both propane and natural gas supply.

Glass embers, artificial logs, rectangular or square format, Landscaping in Austin offers a wide range of gas fireplaces that can suit all tastes and budgets. It is possible to combine their outdoor fireplaces with models of concrete block fireplaces from different manufacturers

Wood fireplace

Whether it is a steel model including a chimney or a steel pan integrated into a stone structure, it is essential to respect municipal by-laws. To optimize the life of a wood-burning fireplace, opt for durable materials such as concrete blocks or stones. Many of the manufacturers of uni-stone offer models that can match the chosen layout style.

Your landscaping in Austin expert will certainly be able to advise you on the choice of an outdoor fireplace. The integration of a fireplace will enhance your layout and extend the time you can enjoy your outdoor courtyard.

A Successful Scuba Diving Trip In Jordan

The first criterion required to dive is to want to do it! It is normal to have a little
apprehension before starting, but anxieties should not take over. You have to indulge
in this sport to please yourself (not someone else) and when you feel ready.
It is important to be in a good general state of health to be able to dive, not to suffer
from any contraindicated pathology in this type of recreation. This means that you
have to be in good physical and psychological shape. But it also means that it is
better to have slept well the day before and not have the flu.
Even if it is not in any case to run a marathon, it is advisable to do a little physical
exercise during the days preceding the activity, in order to prepare your body for
something intense, to relax, to channel your breathing and thus to be comfortable

Before diving into the seabed

Before diving in Jordan, you can relax and admire the landscapes, during a walk and boat trip,
which will take you to the place where the activity is to take place. The best is to
choose a formula, including boat rental and a session with a state-certified instructor.
The best is to make sure that all the external conditions are met for the outing to be
successful: it is, therefore, advisable to inform yourself about the weather and the
tides in particular.
It is important to follow all the recommendations of your instructor to the letter, who is
not only your guide in the seabed but also the guarantor of your safety.
Protect your body adequately and make sure you understand all the instructions.

During the scuba diving trip

Take in your eyes: you set off to discover one of the most magnificent and surprising
places that exist on the planet.
Pay attention to the instructions of your instructor and watch out for the gestures of
people who dive with you (if there are several of you).
Be respectful of the underwater environment: do not disturb the fish and shellfish, do
not move anything or take anything with you. If you have an aquatic camera, you will
still be able to capture some sublime photos, without harming anyone.…

Everything you need to know about building a deck for your new home

Summer is coming soon, and you certainly want to install a deck area outside your home to enjoy it. Discover our tips – professional deck builders San Antonio – for setting up a deck before or after the construction of your new home!


Whether you have planned a deck in your house’s plans or after its construction, it remains an important project and one of the first arrangements that one carries out outside his house.


How to carry out the installation of your deck? All our advice for setting up a deck on your property!


Define the location:


Start by thinking about the project: exhibition, dimensions, circulation, materials, budget… all this comes into account when you build your deck to make the most of it.




Sunshine is one of the most important criteria for installing a deck. Indeed, if it is exposed south or west, your deck will be better exposed to the sun than if it is located in the north, where it will also be more prone to humidity. Also, design your plans taking into account the wind and water flow on the ground.




Fancy a small deck for meals or a large space for entertaining? Depending on your needs, the surface of your garden, and your budget, define your deck’s ideal dimensions. Think about the traffic on your deck and visualize the furniture and decorative elements to optimize the space.


Note that depending on its size, your deck may be subject to various formalities before construction and will have an impact on your taxes once built: also take this criterion into account to avoid unpleasant surprises.


Materials choice:


Most deck companies choose what type of foundation will accommodate your future deck. A concrete screed will be more stable but will take longer because it will take a month to cover it. A sand bed will be less stable and will require shuttering. There is no need for concrete or foundations for a wooden deck: we will use joists or adjustable pedestals capable of supporting high loads.


Regarding the coating, there is a multitude of floors to cover your deck: it’s up to you to choose the one that best suits your project. Beyond the aesthetic aspect and the ease of construction and maintenance, the essential is to choose a resistant coating intended for outdoor installation.


Concrete deck:


This is very easy to install because it is placed directly on the screen after drying. For a trendy and resistant finish, opt for a waxed concrete coating, easy to clean.


Stone deck:


You can choose natural or engineered stone for a natural look and a deck that will stand up to time and weather. The cost varies depending on the material chosen.


Tiled deck:


It is also a very popular material for covering a deck, and for a good reason: resistant and easy to maintain, tiles offer a wide range of choices and prices for a decorative effect.


Wooden deck:


Wooden decks are popular: easy to install without a foundation or concrete screed; they have the particularity of combining a natural and modern appearance. The price varies a lot depending on the wood chosen: common natural, exotic, or composite.


Pay attention to the quality of the material because that is what will condition the durability of your deck.


Synthetic grass deck:


For a green and natural look, opt for synthetic grass rollers specially designed for outdoor use.


Resin deck:


If the use of PVC is not recommended for a deck exposed to the sun, the resin is a resistant material that offers a multitude of designs and finishes.


It is time to plan the decorative elements for your future deck: railings, stairs, lighting, and plants will dress it up and integrate it into your garden for a harmonious whole.


How To Make The Most Of The Aisles

The hallway is one of the most neglected areas in home decoration. Being a transit area, functionality always comes before aesthetics. Discover how you can beautify hallways and make the most of these spaces, limited but with great potential.

Wide corridors

The decoration possibilities of a wide corridor are similar to those of a small room : dark colors are not recommended, but it is possible to enliven yourself with red, gray, green or strong colors.

Lighting is very important in all corridors and, at this point, wide corridors offer several options: recessed spotlights, wall lights or indirect lighting. The main thing is that the whole space is perfectly lit.

The furniture for this type of space is varied: you can choose a purely decorative space, with large paintings, plants and vases , or make it functional and use cabinets, shelves and trunks. If the width of the corridor allows it, you can place a small desk or mini sofa to add a new relaxing space to the home.

Narrow corridors

Narrower aisles are a decorative challenge, but there are tricks to optimizing this tight space.

In them, light colors are a must , but the result should not be monotonous or boring; You can use wallpaper with drawings or horizontal stripes up to half the height of the wall, to reduce the feeling of tightness.

Lighting can help to visually expand the space, if you put pendant lamps, so that the upper part of the hallway and the ceiling are not visible. And is that, reducing the height of the corridor, increases the feeling of spaciousness .

The furniture should not obstruct the passage: narrow furniture and shelves, wall racks, floor lamps and stylized plants are great helpers. A great decorative resource for narrow corridors are mirrors, and if they can be placed opposite each other, the visual effect will be even better.

Tips for all types of hallways

It does not matter its size: the corridor must allow comfortable and unhindered circulation. Therefore, you should try not to overload the space with furniture or objects that disturb the passage (both at ground level and on the walls) and ensure that there is a minimum of 90 centimeters of free space between wall and wall, to achieve a circulation without startles.…

Trends: decorate your house with bicycles

Did you ever imagine that a bicycle could be part of the home decoration? It seems crazy but currently it is a must that you cannot miss. Recycling a bike can be a very fun task and is a very original contribution to any environment in the house.

In the classroom

In this environment you can play with different possibilities: add an old bicycle as a fixed decoration or use a modern bicycle as a decorative element. With this last option, we add decoration, comfort and space saving .

In the room

A bicycle can act as a decorative object on its own, but it can also serve an additional function . In this case, a bicycle used as an ornament and another that, in addition to decorating, acts as a coat rack.

In the bathroom

The bathrooms are not characterized by their spaciousness and, therefore, the bicycle can be integrated as a functional element. For example, as a sink foot, a very attractive option that can work in any environment.

In the kitchen

With few exceptions, kitchens are small spaces, so it is the ideal environment to recycle parts of old bikes and transform them into lamps, utensils or watches. You can also choose to transform a bicycle into a table and make it the center of all eyes.

In the dining room

In an environment where functionality is paramount, our advice is to hang your bike on the wall to prevent it from becoming a hindrance. The result will be incredible, since such a particular and simple object can be turned into a jewel.

In the garden or terrace

Touring or old-style bikes are widely used in gardens as flower pots. It does not take a large investment and imagination is the limit. If you don’t have a garden but you do have a terrace or a small living room, don’t be shy and expose your bike.…

How To Keep The Room Tidy

The living room is the space in the home where most of a family’s life spends and is, generally, the first impression that visitors receive. Maintaining an orderly room is key to living in harmony and transmitting a good image to guests, and to achieve this there are some storage resources that can make a difference.

Combined cabinets

Cabinets are the most practical option to keep order in any room. There is a wide variety of styles and sizes and, most importantly, with different functionalities. Therefore, the most recommended are those that combine drawers with open and closed shelves, which decorate and provide storage space in the same piece of furniture. If they can be made to measure, much better.

Taking advantage of the stairs

Any ladder can make a great contribution to maintaining order in the room. Some allow the construction of open or closed drawers and / or furniture under the steps. It is an option if you have children and need extra storage space. Currently, there are very attractive designs that combine with very different styles.

Furniture with sliding panels

Furniture with sliding panels is a very effective resource when you have to hide cables, installations, or certain elements or appliances that you do not use on a daily basis. They are an ideal option to get you out of a hurry.

Multifunction coffee tables

There are coffee tables with a modern and functional design that include storage spaces, whether open or closed. They’re a great option for keeping your remote control, your favorite magazines or books, and even teacups close at hand.

All these examples are of great help to store all those items that, almost without realizing it, you keep in the living room on a daily basis. However, do not forget that cleanliness is essential to enjoy an orderly space and that, on many occasions, when it comes to decoration, less is always more …

How to furnish an apartment to sell or rent

To rent or sell an apartment, the first impression is very important, since it determines how future tenants will see the rest of the house. It’s a fact that listings for rental homes with photos have a much greater impact than those without, but also that a bad image can deter renters.

Have the basic furniture so that people interested in buying the house see themselves living in it

You have to find a balance when placing furniture and decorative elements. A completely empty home offers a bad feeling, but a home cluttered with furniture and objects will produce the same rejection effect.

In this sense, it is better to place basic furniture that allows interested people to imagine what their life will be like there, and where they will place their personal items.

Boost natural light

You have to take advantage of the light and enhance the spaces on the floor that receive natural light. To do this, also choose light colors, such as white for the walls, since it gives a feeling of magnitude and luminosity, thus offering a visual sensation of greater amplitude.

Do not put curtains, curtains, or anything else that can filter the light, and if the floor already has any of these elements, remove it. In the case of a home with little natural light, a good option is to use table or floor lamps that offer indirect lighting, creating a warm and intimate space in which you want to stay.

Remove all personal items

A very common mistake that landlords make regularly is to place old furniture or appliances that they no longer use on the floor. This furniture can make the apartment look used and unattractive.

We remember that it is not necessary to redecorate and furnish the entire house. On the contrary, in these cases the maxim that “less is more” is fulfilled. A few well selected elements will suffice. The key is that the space gives the sensation of being habitable , while leaving free space to circulate through it and easily access any of its corners. And if the house has been inhabited recently, an effort must be made to depersonalize it , removing all personal items.

Use neutral colors to paint or furnish the house

When choosing furniture for an empty apartment that you want to rent, the first characteristic to take into account is the color . Neutral colors should be chosen, preferably within a clear range, and ensure that all those who are placed keep a harmony not only in terms of color, but also in design. Wooden furniture is a good option, mixing simple designs with avant-garde elements. When putting these pieces of furniture, it is necessary to try not to place them in the center of the rooms, nor in the imaginary line that goes from a door to a window, in order to give a feeling of continuity and of an open and wide space.

One of the spaces where tenants pay the most attention is the bathroom . Thorough cleaning is not the only aspect to take into account, but all objects that give a feeling of use must also be removed: the shower curtain, the toilet brush, the mat … Simple decorative objects in white or shades Clear is the best idea to give a feeling of cleanliness and neatness.

Plan the decoration of the house using measurement plans

In the rest of the rooms, it is advisable to first make a plan of the house , with the exact measurements, to have a clear idea of ​​the meters to be decorated, as well as the natural path that the tenants will follow when they visit the house.

Analyze the profile of the person interested in buying the apartment

There are many different types of tenants: childless couples, office workers, large families, students … and each one has specific needs. Depending on the location of the flat, size and orientation, there is a perfect potential client .

Once you have located what type of people may be interested in the apartment, you can choose furniture and elements that tend to suggest that the apartment is perfect for them, enhancing their strengths: a second bathroom, a spacious living room or the absence hallway. In the opposite case, with a large hallway , use elements that break the monotony and that offer a cozy feeling, and you can rent the apartment more quickly and for a higher rent.…

Modern kitchens: Islands And Peninsulas

Everyone, both trend followers and those less interested in decorative novelties, will have noticed that kitchen islands and peninsulas have finally burst onto the scene.

The truth is that we are not surprised; These furniture, which we often associate with American houses, in addition to being beautiful, are pieces that can be very useful . They help to reorganize the space and, by making better use of it, are very useful even in the smallest houses. Still don’t know the advantages of kitchen islands? We show you:

Extra storage

Kitchen islands are a great distributor : they reorganize the space and manage to increase the work surface. If you also want to increase the storage capacity of your home, be sure to buy a kitchen island with drawers and shelves in which to place the utensils you need.

To divide spaces

An island can be very useful in kitchens that share a room with the living room. Without walls, the furniture itself will mark the end of one environment and the beginning of another. In small rooms, choose kitchen peninsulas, which when leaning against the wall will save space.

Very useful work surface

The coverings of kitchen islands make them a very suitable surface to work on , much more suitable than dining tables. If the space that conventional countertops provide is not enough for you, visit interior decoration platforms, you will find numerous designs of kitchen islands. You can choose between wood or marble , between traditional designs and the most innovative.

Makes cooking easier

By freeing the surface on which we are preparing to work from the wall, the task becomes easier. The freedom of movement is complete and we can work around the island without any problems. There are those who choose to place the sink or even the fires inside the cabinet itself to achieve greater comfort.

Incredible solutions

The kitchen island can be the solution to problems that seemed a priori irremediable. A long, narrow kitchen? Place an island with the same characteristics and you will be able to take advantage of the entire length of the kitchen. A column that you don’t know how to hide? Incorporate it into the island as part of its design: you will add a lot of character to the decoration.


We leave aside the practical aspect of the islands to focus on a more superficial one: aesthetics . Since the kitchens have once again become the nucleus of the home , taking care of their decoration is very important and the islands play a privileged role there because, let’s face it, these pieces add modernity and distinction to the design of the room…

How To Decorate A Home To Rent Quickly

Decorating a home to rent or sell is more difficult than it seems. While it is true that an empty interior provides the tenant with a blank canvas on which to furnish and decorate according to their taste and style, empty spaces tend to appear smaller than they are.

It is convenient to present the property with some essential pieces to show the possibilities that space offers and create a pleasant and welcoming interior. Conversely, if the property is over-decorated, you may fall into the error of customizing it based on the owner’s tastes and style, which could be quite different from those of potential tenants.

These are the six keys for a rental home to be attractive to almost everyone:

Decorate only with essential furniture

When decorating a rental home, the golden rule is “less is more. ” In this sense, only the most essential pieces of furniture and decorative accessories should be incorporated into each room. Everything else should be removed so that the space is clear and can be easily circulated.

Paint and decorate the rental apartment with neutral colors

For paint and finishes, it is best to opt for white. Once the tenant has settled into the house, they can add color through accessories and textiles. To achieve color contrast, when the white is too monotonous, neutral colors such as charcoal, light gray or beige, and/or natural wood can be used for floors, kitchen furniture, doors, cabinets, and others.

Use white colors and mirrors to multiply the brightness of the house you want to rent.

White interiors and mirrors help multiply the interior light, as well as visually enlarge the space. Windows should be clear to allow natural light to flow into the interior without being obstructed by curtains, sheers, or blinds. If natural light is scarce, an intimate and cozy interior can be created using floor and table lamps or indirect lights under kitchen cabinets, cupboard interiors, etc.

Invest in the decoration of the property

When furnishing a home for rent, one of the most common mistakes is to decorate it with furniture that we no longer use at home, worn out, or out of fashion. The truth is that it is preferable to present the property empty than fill it with furniture that detracts from the appearance of the house. It is preferable to invest in a good duvet and pillows to dress the bed, soft quality towels for the bathroom, or even some piece of art for the living room. In this way, the home will be presented with style and quality essential accessories, making it much more attractive.

Use furniture that doesn’t go out of style.

The furniture of a house to rent must be resistant, in neutral tones and timeless designs. Use a wide variety of iconic pieces of furniture combine in the same design classic lines with a modern and contemporary style, at a medium price. These pieces are a good alternative to the usual furniture that often fills rental properties.

Decorate the house with flowers to make it more attractive and attractive to future tenants

If you are renting a furnished property, you should avoid decorative accessories, so that it is the tenant who creates a personal space with their accessories. However, if you want to present the property with charm, it is best to decorate with natural flowers and some indoor plants. These add a pop of color to any neutral interior and easily replace them with other accessories once the tenant has settled in.