We want you – Farmer City Strategic Planning!!

We want you – Farmer City Strategic Planning!!

The City of Farmer City will be undergoing its first Strategic Planning in January and February, 2018!  We will hold 3 different focus groups to hear from community stakeholders, other government entities and YOU!

What is Strategic Planning?  Creating a Strategic Plan helps the City provide a sense of direction and set measurable goals for the future.  These goals and initiatives can include improved streets & sidewalks, economic development action plans, recreational ideas and more.

The ideas and suggestions created from these focus groups will help guide the City Council in setting a vision for the City.  A neutral third party consultant will facilitate these focus groups so that any and all ideas will come from within the community.

We are looking at January 16 or 18, 2018 as the day for these sessions.  If you are interested and/or available, please contact City Manager Sue McLaughlin at (309) 928-3412 or [email protected] to be placed on the list for consideration.

We’re excited to start this new venture to set the future of Farmer City – come be a part of it!!

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