Core Drillers Near Me

Whether it’s construction work, home improvement, or core drilling services near me for your project, core drillers near me are vital for many types of jobs. These heavy-duty power tools rely on the power of diamonds to break through hard materials such as concrete, asphalt, masonry and even metals with ease.

In large-scale projects such as tunnels, dams, and mines, engineers need holes in a variety of materials to run pipes, wires and other utilities underground or through geological obstructions. The most popular application for core drilling involves making holes in concrete floors or walls for plumbing, electrical and HVAC needs, and communication cabling.

In Search of Precision: Finding Core Drillers Near Me

Unlike hand-held hammer drills, core drills have a chuck that holds and rotates a diamond-tipped blade to hollow out the surface of a material with electric or hydraulic power. The chuck is secured in place with an auxiliary handle to make sure you’re using the tool safely and effectively. Most models come with corded or cordless operation and can be plugged into standard outlets or generators for outdoor use.

For jobs that require the most oomph, choose a model with a higher power rating to ensure you have the right strength for the job at hand. Different sizes and shapes of drills exist depending on the material being worked with and how deep you’re drilling. High-performance concrete, for example, can support up to 15,000 psi thanks to its high aggregate content. This makes it extra tough on drills, but it’s no match for a diamond-tipped core drill.