Damp Proofing – What You Need to Know

Birmingham experiences a lot of rain and as such, damp problems are very common in the area. Damp proofing is the inspection and implementation of solutions to prevent damp issues from appearing within your property. Damp proofing birmingham experts can deal with a range of issues including rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation, as well as woodworm and dry rot.more info

Is damp proofing worth it?

A leaking roof, cracked guttering and untreated dripping wall plaster are all causes of penetrating damp. If the cause of your damp problem is not fixed, penetrating damp can lead to the deterioration of internal walls, mould growth and salty deposits on plastered surfaces. Damp-proof paint can be a simple solution to penetrating damp problems and will help to protect the integrity of your interior walls and make them water repellent.

For old properties with either no damp proof course (DPC) or an existing one that has become damaged over a large area, a Birmingham damp expert can use an injection cream to fix the issue. This is carried out by drilling holes evenly around the area that requires treatment. Damp proofing injection cream such as Dryzone is injected into the holes and works to fill cavities in the brickwork, creating a barrier that prevents moisture from entering.

It is always advisable to obtain recommendations from family and friends before hiring a damp specialist birmingham. You should also check that they are members of the PCA or DPA and have professional qualifications from the CSRT (Certified Surveyor in Remedial Treatments). This will ensure that your damp proofing company will be properly qualified to carry out first class work and offer a minimum guarantee.