free embroidery software

Embroidery software is a key part of running any embroidery business. It helps you run a successful business with effective workflows and manage customer orders, artwork approvals, shipping, wholesaler access, and more.

There are many common free embroidery software options available, but they often have large operational gaps that make them unsuitable for most businesses. Whether you’re running a shop, a small embroidery company, or an online store, you need a program that works with your embroidery machines, can be used by your staff, and helps your business operate efficiently.

Free digitizing software

If you’re looking for a good free digitizing embroidery software, Inkscape is an excellent option. It’s open source and has a free Ink/Stitch extension that allows you to create SVG files and import them into the program for embroidery digitizing.

The Top Features to Look for in Free Embroidery Software

Another great option for manual digitizing embroidery is SophieSew, a free software that offers an abundance of features. It’s easy to use and provides all essential tools you need to digitize your designs as well as convert them into machine instructions.

TES Viewer

TES Viewer is an advanced embroidery design viewer that comes with a lot of unique features and is extremely user-friendly. It lets you resize, rotate, merge, and print your designs with the option to convert designs into embroidery file format. This is a great choice for beginners and experienced embroidery designers alike. It also supports multiple hoop sizes and can help you match the hoop size to your design easily.