Travel trailers small

Travel trailers small are a great option for those new to RVing. They are smaller and lighter, so they can be towed by a variety of vehicles. They also tend to have fewer features than larger models, but that doesn’t mean they lack comfort. RV manufacturers are getting better at designing functional small spaces, and you’ll still find that the amenities you need for a comfortable trip can be packed into these compact rigs.

Many of these models are built to be towed by smaller SUVs, meaning you can enjoy the RV lifestyle without investing in a full-size truck with a mega towing capacity. The light weight of these trailers helps reduce fuel costs, as well.

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For those that want a lightweight RV experience, the teardrop trailer is a good choice. These tiny rigs offer the basics, including gear storage, sleeping accommodations, and a kitchenette. You can add on a roof tent for additional sleeping space and an awning for more outdoor living room.

These streamlined RVs require less maintenance than their larger counterparts, and they are easier to store once your trip is over. Additionally, they can be parked in areas that are inaccessible to longer rigs. Many self-storage facilities have dedicated spots for these models, making it easy to take your trailer with you when you move to a different area. The lighter materials used in these trailers help keep your towing and storage costs down, as well.