Discover Innovative Marketing With NewTopia

Discover Innovative Marketing with NewTopia


Discover Innovative Marketing with NewTopia

NewTopia is a personalized health company that delivers a clinically proven platform to help people replace unhealthy habits with healthy ones so they can prevent, slow or reverse diabetes and other chronic diseases, enrich mental health and drive greater physical and emotional well-being — all while reducing healthcare costs – past, present and future. Their dedicated health coaches, known as Inspirators, know each participant’s unique preferences, needs, personality and even genetic predispositions. Their goal-driven experience combines cognitive behavioral therapy and habit stacking with state-of-the-art technology and personalized one-on-one guidance. Their industry leading engagement rates and health outcomes include a significant majority of participants losing weight, 31% seeing mental health improvements and a 14.5% decrease in chronic disease risk.

Strategic Mastery: Navigating Italian Markets with NewTopia’s Digital Marketing Excellence

The sunsetting of Expo East coincides with a positive and transformative development – the launch of a brand-new event format next year called Newtopia Now that prioritizes more tailored and intentional buyer-to-brand connections through a series of curated experiences, deepened relationships and inspiring content. The event will provide a range of new opportunities for all natural, organic and clean product brands including those in early-stage development to participate by providing them with a range of meaningful ways to connect with the best buyers across retail channels who are looking for conscious products for their stores.

Newtopia’s personalized approach to health coaching is one of the reasons why they were selected as this year’s Accenture HealthTech Innovation Challenge Top Innovator. Learn more about Newtopia’s impact on the digital transformation of healthcare at their session Vision 2030: Insights from Today’s State of Natural You Can Use to Grow for Good starting at 8:30 a.m. Friday on the Innovation Experience Stage, Level 200, Hall A.