How to Clean Pollen Off Deck Furniture

How to clean pollen off your deck furniture can be a laborious and time consuming task. The main reason for this is that over the winter, it acts as an insulator from the cold which prevents you cleaning it properly through the summer until now…

If not thoroughly cleaned, when spring arrives and temperatures start to soar, the pollen will begin to bake on in beautiful patterns of yellow (and sometimes brown), like icing on a cake! And by “baking” I mean sticky 😉 Yuch!

You’ve just got back from holiday to find out your mom has used your bedroom as a storage facility while you were away- yikes! You have loads of stuff to unpack but first things first – how do you get that nasty old school glue off your hands?

Rub some wax crayon on the spot and clean it up with a damp rag. The waxy film will fill in the micro-scratches, making it less likely for dirt and dust to stick to the surface next time.

Heat a dryer sheet under hot water until it’s completely saturated and wring out any excess water. Then place over the spot, cover with an upside-down bowl and let sit overnight or for at least 30 minutes, then remove bowl and wipe dry with a cloth.

  • Rubbing alcohol will remove ink stains from plastic. Apply it to a soft cloth and rub with the grain of the material, followed by a clean, dry cloth for spot-polishing.
  • Using rubbing alcohol can be used to shine up your shower!
  • To take ink off your hands, wipe them on white bread slices while they are still wet.
  • Soak white bread in water overnight then scrape and scrub off crayon marks.
  • A little vinegar mixed with warm water will also help dissolve sticky stuff 8. Rubbing petroleum jelly over any mark you want to be removed.
  • Melted paraffin wax or candle wax is also good at dissolving crayons.
  • Running an ice cube across the surface of the item should do it!