How To Keep The Room Tidy

The living room is the space in the home where most of a family’s life spends and is, generally, the first impression that visitors receive. Maintaining an orderly room is key to living in harmony and transmitting a good image to guests, and to achieve this there are some storage resources that can make a difference.

Combined cabinets

Cabinets are the most practical option to keep order in any room. There is a wide variety of styles and sizes and, most importantly, with different functionalities. Therefore, the most recommended are those that combine drawers with open and closed shelves, which decorate and provide storage space in the same piece of furniture. If they can be made to measure, much better.

Taking advantage of the stairs

Any ladder can make a great contribution to maintaining order in the room. Some allow the construction of open or closed drawers and / or furniture under the steps. It is an option if you have children and need extra storage space. Currently, there are very attractive designs that combine with very different styles.

Furniture with sliding panels

Furniture with sliding panels is a very effective resource when you have to hide cables, installations, or certain elements or appliances that you do not use on a daily basis. They are an ideal option to get you out of a hurry.

Multifunction coffee tables

There are coffee tables with a modern and functional design that include storage spaces, whether open or closed. They’re a great option for keeping your remote control, your favorite magazines or books, and even teacups close at hand.

All these examples are of great help to store all those items that, almost without realizing it, you keep in the living room on a daily basis. However, do not forget that cleanliness is essential to enjoy an orderly space and that, on many occasions, when it comes to decoration, less is always more