Trends: decorate your house with bicycles

Did you ever imagine that a bicycle could be part of the home decoration? It seems crazy but currently it is a must that you cannot miss. Recycling a bike can be a very fun task and is a very original contribution to any environment in the house.

In the classroom

In this environment you can play with different possibilities: add an old bicycle as a fixed decoration or use a modern bicycle as a decorative element. With this last option, we add decoration, comfort and space saving .

In the room

A bicycle can act as a decorative object on its own, but it can also serve an additional function . In this case, a bicycle used as an ornament and another that, in addition to decorating, acts as a coat rack.

In the bathroom

The bathrooms are not characterized by their spaciousness and, therefore, the bicycle can be integrated as a functional element. For example, as a sink foot, a very attractive option that can work in any environment.

In the kitchen

With few exceptions, kitchens are small spaces, so it is the ideal environment to recycle parts of old bikes and transform them into lamps, utensils or watches. You can also choose to transform a bicycle into a table and make it the center of all eyes.

In the dining room

In an environment where functionality is paramount, our advice is to hang your bike on the wall to prevent it from becoming a hindrance. The result will be incredible, since such a particular and simple object can be turned into a jewel.

In the garden or terrace

Touring or old-style bikes are widely used in gardens as flower pots. It does not take a large investment and imagination is the limit. If you don’t have a garden but you do have a terrace or a small living room, don’t be shy and expose your bike.