Everything you need to know about building a deck for your new home

Summer is coming soon, and you certainly want to install a deck area outside your home to enjoy it. Discover our tips – professional deck builders San Antonio – for setting up a deck before or after the construction of your new home!


Whether you have planned a deck in your house’s plans or after its construction, it remains an important project and one of the first arrangements that one carries out outside his house.


How to carry out the installation of your deck? All our advice for setting up a deck on your property!


Define the location:


Start by thinking about the project: exhibition, dimensions, circulation, materials, budget… all this comes into account when you build your deck to make the most of it.




Sunshine is one of the most important criteria for installing a deck. Indeed, if it is exposed south or west, your deck will be better exposed to the sun than if it is located in the north, where it will also be more prone to humidity. Also, design your plans taking into account the wind and water flow on the ground.




Fancy a small deck for meals or a large space for entertaining? Depending on your needs, the surface of your garden, and your budget, define your deck’s ideal dimensions. Think about the traffic on your deck and visualize the furniture and decorative elements to optimize the space.


Note that depending on its size, your deck may be subject to various formalities before construction and will have an impact on your taxes once built: also take this criterion into account to avoid unpleasant surprises.


Materials choice:


Most deck companies choose what type of foundation will accommodate your future deck. A concrete screed will be more stable but will take longer because it will take a month to cover it. A sand bed will be less stable and will require shuttering. There is no need for concrete or foundations for a wooden deck: we will use joists or adjustable pedestals capable of supporting high loads.


Regarding the coating, there is a multitude of floors to cover your deck: it’s up to you to choose the one that best suits your project. Beyond the aesthetic aspect and the ease of construction and maintenance, the essential is to choose a resistant coating intended for outdoor installation.


Concrete deck:


This is very easy to install because it is placed directly on the screen after drying. For a trendy and resistant finish, opt for a waxed concrete coating, easy to clean.


Stone deck:


You can choose natural or engineered stone for a natural look and a deck that will stand up to time and weather. The cost varies depending on the material chosen.


Tiled deck:


It is also a very popular material for covering a deck, and for a good reason: resistant and easy to maintain, tiles offer a wide range of choices and prices for a decorative effect.


Wooden deck:


Wooden decks are popular: easy to install without a foundation or concrete screed; they have the particularity of combining a natural and modern appearance. The price varies a lot depending on the wood chosen: common natural, exotic, or composite.


Pay attention to the quality of the material because that is what will condition the durability of your deck.


Synthetic grass deck:


For a green and natural look, opt for synthetic grass rollers specially designed for outdoor use.


Resin deck:


If the use of PVC is not recommended for a deck exposed to the sun, the resin is a resistant material that offers a multitude of designs and finishes.


It is time to plan the decorative elements for your future deck: railings, stairs, lighting, and plants will dress it up and integrate it into your garden for a harmonious whole.